Team brings commitment and heart to the game


    Staff Writer

    The Pagosa Springs Lady Pirates lost to Center last week, allowing the Vikings to score one goal in the last few minutes of Thursday’s game, and while there aren’t a lot of numbers on the stats sheets, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

    Anyone who goes to the MaxPreps webpage and looks up the stats for the latest game against Center will see that Maria Campuzano played all 80 minutes, had six saves and was scored against once in the second half of the game. That’s all it has.

    “I don’t focus on stats,” coach Lindsey Kurt-Mason explained. “Stats generally don’t portray the character of a team, especially ours. I think you need to focus on what we bring to the table every game.”

    What the ladies bring to the field is a lot of heart and a lot of drive, but not very many players. A lack of qualified players has been one of the defining characteristics of this season. In fact, the Pirates’ first game had to be postponed until after the girls’ basketball team finished its post-season play so more girls would be free to play soccer.

    “We are in every game,” the coach promised. “We don’t give up. Playing games with 11 players only speaks to the character of the team. This is what we build on.”

    Kurt-Mason referenced a quote from Winston Churchill about never giving up, but perhaps it would be even more appropriate to allude to the Saint Crispin Day speech from Henry V, where Shakespeare has the king talk about, “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers,” and argue that, “The fewer men, the greater share of honour.”

    Well, in this case, maybe, they are a band of sisters, but that doesn’t take away from the commitment they have to each other or the heart they bring to the game.

    “Sure we had shots on goal,” Kurt Mason continued. “We had ten on goal and seven off frame. We had tight passing and won the possession game for the first half and nearly all of the second half.”

    Unfortunately, the Center goalkeeper, who put in an outstanding performance, blocked all 10 of the Pirates’ shots.

    Center, on the other hand, only had seven total shots during the game. However, since the Pirates only had 11 players and no one to act as a sub, “our legs began to wear out in the seventy-seventh minute,” the coach admitted.

    He explained that the Vikings were able to take advantage, get into a two-versus-one situation, and score a goal in the last three minutes of the game.

    “Sometimes you do all the right things and in the short term it doesn’t seem to pay off,” Kurt-Mason concluded, “but hang in there and eventually it will.”

    The Pirates will be in Telluride tomorrow to take on the Miners at 4 p.m. Both teams go into tomorrow’s matchup with a win-loss record of 3-4, and the last time they met the game went into double overtime and ended in a tie.

    On Saturday, the Pirates will be in Ridgway, and on Tuesday they will be in Alamosa. The regular season ends on May 2, when the girls will host the Bayfield Wolverines.