Wolf Creek fun race results


    Staff Writer

    Over 130 racers competed this weekend in the Wolf Creek Ski Area Fun Race.

    Skiers and snowboarders from Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, South Carolina and Florida turned out for the event.

    Pagosa area skiers and snowboarders dominated the competition, placing among the top three in most divisions. Results for Pagosa racers are as follows:

    Chantelle Jordan won gold in the Women’s 41-50 division with a time of 22.32. Her time was the fastest of the day for the women’s races.

    Elizabeth Kunz took silver with a time of 24.82 in the same division.

    In the Women’s 51-60 division, Helen McBreen of Chimney Rock took silver at 25.70.

    In boys ages 3-5, Ryan Rich took gold with a time of 1:09.84, and Janzen Tuggle-Reed took silver with a time of 1:22.65.

    In the Boys 9-11 division, Timmy Hittle took silver at 25.08 and Rhead Kay took bronze at 25.09.

    The boys 15-17 division saw Ian Roth take gold at 21.90, Casey Mudroch take silver at 26.53, and Alex Hizme, (snowboarding), take bronze at 28.79.

    Tyler Fearon took gold in the Boys’ 18-20 division at 31.23.

    In the Men’s 36-40 division Kyle Kunz took bronze on a snowboard at 31.86.

    In the Men’s 41-50 division, Eric Hittle took gold at 21.29.

    Men’s 51-60 saw Thomas Edison win silver at 21.50 and Joe Jordan take bronze at 21.56.

    For Men’s 61-70, Buzz Burke took gold at 21.33, JP Chatellard took silver at 22.32 and Phil Clum took bronze at 23.71.

    Klaus Neubert took gold at 25.58 in the Men’s 71+ division.

    The fastest time of the day for all men’s divisions was 20.05, by Ricky Sutphin of Monte Vista, in the 51-60 division.