Lady Pirates hoping to add more soccer players


    Staff Writer

    While the Pagosa Springs Lady Pirates were forced to postpone last week’s season opener against the Salida Spartans due to a shortage of players, coach Lindsey Kurt-Mason held out hope that more girls would be ready to play soccer once basketball season is over.

    He also provided The SUN with a partial roster of players, at least the ones eligible to play so far.

    “It’s hard to say anything about the team because it really hasn’t formed yet,” the coach explained. “I don’t have the whole group yet. We’re just practicing hard with the numbers we have.”

    The coach then grabbed his roster and began going down the list of players who were qualified to play so far. Included in the list were five fairly strong freshman players, which the coach described as having solid experience playing games at the middle school level.

    “They are very strong players and very competitive,” Kurt-Mason said. “They push each other in practice. They are fast and strong.”

    As far as players returning from last year, the coach mentioned Sara Chronowski, Johannah Laverty, Haliegh Brown, Olivia Reinhardt, Angette Pastuszek and Maria Campuzano.

    Shannel Wilson, Meghan Ellis, and Anissa Lucero have all indicated they plan to play soccer as soon as the girls’ basketball team wins the state 3A championship in Colorado Springs.

    This will be Lucero’s fourth year as a varsity soccer player. During her freshman year, Lucero played two games and scored one goal out of three shots. During her sophomore year, she played seven games, scored eight goals out of 19 shots and got credit for 11 assists. Last year, she played eight games, scored three goals out of 16 shots and made three assists.

    Laverty played six games last year and four games when she was a freshman. Last year, she made eight goals out of 23 shots and got credit for three assists. During her freshman year, she scored three goals out of 12 shots and made three assists.

    Reinhardt played three games last year and scored one goal out of five shots.

    Campuzano logged 290 minutes as a goalkeeper during six games last year and got credit for eight saves.

    Chronowski only played two games last year, and half of those 160 minutes were spent as a goalkeeper, where she got credit for four saves. When she was not tending the goal, she managed to put one into the net on the other end of the pitch.

    Brown also only played one game last year, but managed to score one goal during that game.

    Shannel Wilson did not get any into the net last year, but she did get four shots on the goal.

    Pastuszek was also only able to play one game last year because of a knee injury.

    Fiona Romaine was on the team two years ago, but took last year off.

    Maddy Davey, even though she was only a junior last year, was one of the team captains, but she has since moved away and won’t be playing for the Pirates this year.

    Rose Graveson was the main goalie last year, and showed up for one practice this year, but then decided not to play because she had too many other irons in the fire.

    Angie Gallegos, Katie Blue, Haliegh Zenz, Katie Laverty, Heather Brooks, Rylee Houston and Leticia Xavier were all seniors last year and graduated at the end of the season.

    So far, there are no seniors on the team this year.

    “I have a skeleton crew right now,” the coach said, “and I need to get it filled in. We just need a little more support.”