New summer programs, clinics and workshops considered


SUN Columnist

The Town of Pagosa Springs is in the process of evaluating the feasibility of new summer programming, outdoor clinics and workshops for local youths.

Through an ongoing partnership between the town recreation department and Ross Aragon Community Center, staff hopes to identify new possibilities for low-cost outdoor education and science-related endeavors. The desire is to continue an curriculum that was introduced last year and implement as many programs as the town budget will allow this summer.

The tentative plan is to utilize volunteers for as many programs as possible, but there may also be opportunities for the use of talented, specialized instructors on a part-time, compensated basis. The goal is to provide the programs for youths ages 4-10 at a reasonable cost.

Anyone interested in submitting a programming idea can contact the town recreation office at 264-4151, ext. 232, or Cheryl Bowdridge, community center director, at 264-4152.

Skate pond

Due to higher temperatures and deteriorating conditions, the skate pond behind the River Center has been closed for the season.