Commissioners meet today, discuss mag chloride


    The Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners will hold a regular meeting this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in the Archuleta County Courthouse, Commissioners’ Meeting Room.

    Following is the agenda:

    • Call to order the regular BoCC Meeting of Feb. 4 at 1:30 p.m.

    • Pledge of Allegiance.

    • Moment of silence.

    • Public comments from the floor.

    • Consent agenda:

    A. Approval of a new ground lease agreement for hangar #A5 for Kenneth and Cynthia Smith.

    B. Payroll and payable warrants:

    Jan. 22 through Feb. 4.

    C. Regular meeting minutes:

    Jan. 21.

    • New business:

    A. Consideration of a resolution accepting a donation of funds from James Huffman for purchase of ammunition for the sheriff’s office training.

    B. Consideration of contract and grant of easement with the U.S. Department Of Interior Bureau Of Reclamation for County Road 982.

    C. Consideration to award a contract to Desert Mountain Corporation for magnesium chloride in an amount not to exceed $285,000.

    D. Consideration of a purchase of services agreement between the Archuleta County Department Of Human Services and the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Department for a Human Services fraud investigator.

    E. Consideration of an invitation for bid for asbestos and lead abatement and interior demolition of 398 Lewis St.

    F. Consideration of a resolution for abatement of taxes for Navajo River Ranch Property Owners Association.

    • Media questions.

    • Public comments from the floor.

    • Adjournment of the regular BoCC meeting of Feb. 4.