Cowboys*Indians to premiere tomorrow


    Staff Writer

    The world theater premiere of Cowboys*Indians, the first of many films Ian McCrudden’s Epiphany pictures hopes to produce in Pagosa, will be held at the downtown Liberty Theatre tomorrow, Jan. 3, at 7 p.m.

    Written and directed by Ian McCrudden and produced by Henrik Astrom, Cowboys*Indians takes place in the Four Corners region and follows the life of Angel (Maria Johnson), a Paiute woman with a tragic past. Living alone, she works to raise her teenage son, Gas (Kyle Agnew). Full of questions about the past, Gas runs away and is picked up by Twisty (Ian McCrudden), a cowboy and old acquaintance of his mother. Eventually, the relationship that develops between Twisty and Gas leads them both back to Angel, and hidden truths about the past are revealed.

    Cowboys*Indians is based on one of the first scripts ever written by McCrudden. Written almost 15 years ago, the story and script evolved based on a unique hitchhiking ride.

    “I had hitchhiked from Taos to Colorado to see my brother and got picked up by a pretty crazy guy. That’s how the story developed,” said McCrudden.

    The Cowboys*Indians story features characters that represent people in and around the Four Corners area. Although not really an ethnographic film, McCrudden explained that Cowboys*Indians does explore and display the reality of ethnic tensions in the southwest.

    McCrudden told The SUN that he looks forward to seeing the reaction to the film from Pagosa viewers since he worked hard to make the characters, situations and setting authentic to this area. Reception of the characters is especially important to McCrudden, as Cowboys*Indians tells the story of the type of people that don’t often populate cinema.

    Aside from a cast and crew screening, Cowboys*Indians has never been screened to the public. The screening in Pagosa will be free, although donations will be accepted to help fund the upgrade to digital cinema at the Liberty Theatre. Members of the cast and crew will be present and will attend a reception following the premiere. The film is R-rated due to the persistence of adult themes — children under 17 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The film will also be available for the public to view online at