Learn to play a percussion instrument in free class


    By Carla Roberts
    Special to The PREVIEW

    Learn to play the hand drum in a free class starting next Wednesday afternoon, from 1 to 2 p.m.

    Local percussionist Carla Roberts will offer “The Ancient Art of Hand Drumming,” a study of the goblet-shaped hand drum called the “doumbek,”  popular in the dance world. Beginning Nov. 9, the ongoing class will be held at the Ross Aragon Community Center every Wednesday.

    Roberts shares the fun of playing percussion in a group setting and demonstrates basic playing techniques on the doumbek drum. The style of hand drumming uses a delicate technique that is easier on the hands than African drumming. Playing the hand drum in a group setting while using basic techniques that anyone can learn has many benefits. Most of all, it is fun to play the exciting, syncopated rhythms that have been handed down over the centuries.

    Roberts has played the doumbek professionally for the last 25 years and incorporates a variety of techniques and learning styles to make this free class accessible to beginners as well as experienced drummers.

    If you have been curious about drumming and all its benefits, come experience the joy and challenge of playing percussion in a group.

    No previous experience is required and drums are available if you do not have one. Bring a drum if you do have one.

    For more information, call Carla Roberts at 903-6478.