Institute of Light to host program by Don Daniels


By Mark Kimmel
Special to The PREVIEW

On June 19, The Institute of Light will present Don Daniels, a citizen ambassador to the uyniverse, speaking on “Becoming a Cosmic Citizen — What does contact tell us about who we really are? How to prepare oneself for Contact and Ascension.”

Daniels will describe his evolution from his first interactive UFO sighting to physical contact. He has insights about humanity finding its place in the universe, and how to prepare for the coming reunion with our cosmic cousins. Daniels combines what he learned from his contact experiences with years of study as a Rosicrucian mystic to weave an engaging philosophical journey for the audience.

Daniels is also an international commercial airline pilot and author of “Evolution Through Contact: Becoming a Cosmic Citizen.” Learn how his self-preparation led to increasingly more significant contact events, including fully physical contact with some of our star cousins.  He will also share some insights into how contact with star cousins is intertwined with the ascension process. Daniels’ website is

The event will be held Wednesday, June 19, 6:45 p.m. at Institute of Light, 475 Lewis St.  No. 218.

For more information, contact Mark Kimmel at (970) 596-5097.

Suggested donation, $10.