Home Sports Friends of Pagosa Skate Pavilion make ‘positive, forward progress’

    Friends of Pagosa Skate Pavilion make ‘positive, forward progress’


    By Kristal Fortune
    Special to The SUN

    “Positive, forward progress is being made,” says Kathy Woodward, future executive manager of the planned multipurpose ice/roller pavilion in Pagosa Springs.

    “Having grown up in Colorado Springs, and always having considered myself a smalltown Colorado girl, it is wonderful to come back home to be involved in a non-profit, community-focused project such as this.”

    Having recently relocated from Los Angeles, Woodward brings the Friends of Pagosa Skate Pavilion a history of successful directorships in Wisconsin, Texas and California.

    “What made me say ‘yes’ to this project are its non-profit status and its commitment and focus to serving the community as a whole, bringing together residents of all ages from 3-103, and providing them a wholesome, healthy venue to participate in a multitude of various activities,” said Woodward. “Of course, as well as being a regulation hockey-size ice and roller skating venue with public skating, hockey, group and private lessons, etc., our goal is to also offer volleyball, R.I.P. girl roller derby tournaments, dodge ball, inline hockey, broomball, teen dances, small concerts, parties and summer and winter camp activities for school-aged children. And all of it runs as a non-profit facility, offering discounts to locals, with funds going, at first, to creating an athletic scholarship fund for local high school seniors, and then, as we grow, there will be monies to be donated to our many local charities here at home, plus disaster funds, veterans, St. Jude, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. How could anyone turn down an opportunity to be part of creating a community based venue like that?”

    Friends of Pagosa Skate Pavilion is now in the process of sending out its completed business plan to various corporations and potential donors and creating its own 501(c)3 status, as it is currently under the non-profit umbrella of the Community Foundation of Southwest Colorado. Having recently made a presentation to the Pagosa Springs noon Rotary Club, following one to the Pagosa Rocky Mountain morning Rotary a few months back, Friends of Pagosa Skate Pavilion is pleased with the forward direction of their project.

    “This project is for Pagosa Springs,” Woodward reiterated. “‘All-inclusive’ — that’s the best way to describe what we’re all about. We want this to not be about us, but about our beautiful community.”