San Juan Stargazers study ‘My Favorite Universe’


    By Joan Mieritz
    Special to The PREVIEW

    The June 20 meeting of the San Juan Stargazers will feature lessons from two different series, called “The Great Courses.”

    The first is titled “My Favorite Universe,” with Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is becoming well-known on TV astronomy programs.

    The other course is titled, “Our Night Sky.”

    The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce Conference Room, in the Visitors Center.  Decaf coffee is served.

    After the program, those in attendance move outdoors for a brief night-sky viewing. Bring planispheres  and  smart phones.

    The club will  provide a booth at Life at Chimney Rock on June 29 and 30, and will host a national star party called the “San Juan Stargaze” Aug. 8-11 with visitors from all over the U.S.  There will be camping at Lake Capote, with a special area reserved for people to camp beside their telescopes. There will be catered meals, including 4 a.m. hot breakfasts after glorious nights of viewing, and there also will be group dinners, with speakers.  People will be able to present papers and research findings and there will be  time for individual and group sharing. There will also be a night of viewing at Chimney Rock National Monument.

    Local residents interested in astronomy are invited to come for meals, programs and night-sky viewing.  Prices are reasonable and ala carte prices are available for camping, meals and each event.  Check out the website for details.

    The San Juan Stargazers are part of the Astronomical League, which includes clubs from all over the U.S.

    The website is, the e-mail address is and a club phone number is 335-8286.