Local skater to try out for Team USA


    By Mara Koch
    Special to The SUN

    Photo courtesy John Paul Espinosa Local skater Sariah Ellsmore — “Whiplash” — pushes to meet her goals, one of them being a berth on the USA team.
    Photo courtesy John Paul Espinosa
    Local skater Sariah Ellsmore — “Whiplash” — pushes to meet her goals, one of them being a berth on the USA team.

    The first Roller Derby World Cup was held in Toronto, Canada, December 2011.

    Women’s teams from around the world came to compete on the flat-track, with Team USA clearly dominating the field and winning the world cup trophy in a final bout against Team Canada, 336-33.

    The next Roller Derby World cup will feature both women’s and men’s flat-track roller derby teams and will be held in 2014.

    Team USA has issued the call to skaters for open tryouts.

    Local roller derby skater, Sariah Ellsmore — with the derby name of “Whiplash” on the flat track — has made it her goal to represent her country and community on Team USA. She will try out for the team of world class skaters in Milwaukee, Wis., on June 3.

    “I was once challenged by a great teacher to choose goals that are so big you have no idea how to accomplish them, “ said Ellsmore. “They will wake you in the morning and guide you through your day — inspiring you to push yourself until you are a greater version of who you once were. Regardless of meeting the actual goal, the process alone will touch, move and inspire you and those around you.”

    For Ellsmore, trying out for Team USA is that goal. With the help of her roller derby coach and personal trainer, Jacob Miskimens, Ellsmore commenced a rigorous training schedule in addition to her usual team practice. Miskimens created a training plan to strengthen her entire body and increase the rate at which her heart could efficiently supply blood to her body. With a CrossFit style approach, Ellsmore increased her training from two to three days a week to eight workouts a week. After learning Olympic lifts, gymnastics, balance and sprinting, she claims to be in the best shape of her life.

    According to Miskimens, “In doing seemingly non-derby movements, her performance on skates drastically improved, as well as her ability to recover between jams and maintain a high output of work.”

    In looking towards the upcoming tryouts in Wisconsin, Ellsmore said, “I have no idea how this will turn out. Making the team would be an honor. Representing our county while doing something I absolutely love would be a dream come true. I’m excited to give it my best and bring back what I learn to my home team.”

    Ellsmore will skate with her home team, Rollergirls in Pagosa, in their first home bout of the 2013 season on Saturday, June 15, at the Pagosa Springs High School gymnasium. Regardless of whether she makes Team USA, her dedication and training will certainly make her an even greater asset, as a jammer and blocker with RIP.