Birthday wishes come true for future pilots


    By Deidra Fortier
    Special to The SUN

    When asked what they wanted for their birthdays, future pilots Colin Vosika, 7, of Bayfield, and Joe Dalsaso, 7, of Durango, said: “Fly to Pagosa Springs and have donuts with the pilots.”

    So, they did.

    It was a beautiful morning at Stevens Field last Saturday when Grandpa (Papa) Bob Winski’s plane touched down on Runway 1, inbound from Animas Air Park in Durango. On board were two special young gentlemen decked out in their leather aviator jackets and flight suits. They were Colin Vosika, grandson of pilot Bob Winski, and Joe Dalsaso, son of Mark Dalsaso — all of La Plata County.

    Back in 2011, the boys flew with Grandpa and Dad to Stevens Field from Durango and joined the Pagosa Pilots for their weekly Saturday morning coffee and donuts (minus the coffee, of course) at the Stevens Field FBO. They were 5 years old at the time. When the local pilots noticed how serious these two future aviators were about flying, they were treated as just a couple more pilots flying in for donuts and talking about planes.

    Colin has been flying with his grandpa since he was 14 months old, so you can say it’s in the blood. The boys were treated to not just donuts, but also their own individual sized birthday cakes. Needless to say, by the time they boarded grandpa’s plane to head home, they could have flown back to Durango without it.

    All in all, it was a special day, not just for the birthday boys, but also for our local pilots. Sharing their love of flying with the boys only rekindles their own love of flying and reminds them why … blue skies and tailwinds make them smile.