Wolf Creek Ski Area tops 201,000 skiers during season


    Staff Writer

    Another season is over at Wolf Creek Ski Area, and with the season’s end, changes will come.

    Wolf Creek welcomed 201,000 skiers during the season.

    “It was really good, considering we didn’t get an early opening, like the year before,” said Wolf Creek Ski Area’s Roseanne Haidorfer-Pitcher, adding, “We were open one hundred and forty-five days and were a little down from last year with its early opening. We are happy we broke the two-hundred thousand mark, and we got snow for the holiday season, which helped.

    “March was a little disappointing, with no snow the last two weeks. But, the spring skiing was good, even without new snow. We didn’t have the winds that can bring in the dust. All in all, I think we had an excellent season.”

    The ski area measured 342 inches of snow during the season. The area continues measurements during the month of April, for consistency in reporting.

    Haidorfer-Pitcher described the snowfall during the season as, “a little shy of our average.”

    During the break before the next ski season, there will be work done at the area, including:

    • Replacement of the Treasure Chair with a detachable quad. While the name of the new lift is not yet final, it could possibly be called “Treasure Stoke.” The chair will slow for loading, with a fast trip up the hill and easy unloading.

    • There will be work done on the core lifts.

    •The old Treasure lift will be moved and possibly named “Elma Lift.” At this point, officials are unsure of the exact location to which the old lift will be moved. It could be placed to the right of the Alberta Lift, opening a bit of terrain that skiers haven’t regularly frequented.