Lady Pirates head to break with 6-0 win


    Staff Writer

    The Pagosa Springs Lady Pirates took some time off from their competitive schedule this week to enjoy the spring break snowstorm, but not before boarding the bus for Center last Thursday, where they taught the Vikings how to properly pillage and plunder.

    “It was a windy day and the field was really fast,” Coach Lindsey Kurt-Mason described. “We wanted to focus on our passing. We are getting a little better each and every game. The girls kept the passing game alive. For the first series we went thirteen passes before the Vikings even touched it.”

    The Pirates sent two into the back of the net during the first forty minutes, and then after the halftime break they scored four more all of the while holding the Vikings scoreless, making the final tally 6-0.

    “We didn’t start the game organized very well,” assistant coach Scott Galabota added, “but over the first ten minutes of the game the players organized themselves into a better offensive shape and from that point on they played a really good possession game with controlled passing.”

    “Angie Gallegos was selected player of the game,” Kurt-Mason said. “She had her first hat trick (three goals in one game) ever. She played really well on both sides of the ball — offense and defense — and was very vocal. She was the voice of our team from the warm-ups to the end of the game. She was an inspirational person both on the field and off the field. She has always been that way, but she really shined that day.”

    Gallegos previously scored a goal against Ridgway on March 23 and got credit for one assist against Ignacio on March 19. All three of her goals against Center happened during the second half of the game.

    “Her energy and effort from the whole game started paying off in the second half,” Galabota confirmed. “She challenged for the ball non stop and followed up on everything. Most of her goals came from deflections that were in the box.”

    “Maddie Davey had two incredible goals,” Kurt-Mason said. “They were both 30-yard direct kicks. They were great shots. There was nothing the goalkeeper could do about them. Her two goals were unassisted and then she had another assist on one of Angie’s goals.” She got credit for two assists total.

    Davey, who plays center midfielder and is one of the team’s co-captains along with Gallegos and Katie Blue, has scored the most points for the Pirates so far this year, earning a hat trick against Ignacio on March 19, one point each against Telluride (March 22) and Ridgway (March 23), and two points against Alamosa on April 2.

    “She distributed the ball very well to her teammates all day,” Galabota said of Davey’s performance during last Thursday’s game. “Both of her goals came from outside of the penalty box.”

    “Katie Blue had a nice direct kick for her goal,” Kurt-Mason said, “and she was also pretty stout on defense.”

    Anissa Lucero rounded out the offense by contributing one assist.

    “Haleigh Zenz was a great defensive sweeper,” said Kurt-Mason as he described the action, or lack thereof, on the other end of the pitch. “She is our middle defender. She’s got great vision and she played really well back there. Shayla Lucero was supporting her. Rose Graveson (the goalkeeper) didn’t have much to do. I think she may have had one save.”

    “The one other thing that stood out as emblematic of our effort for the whole day,” Galabota said, “was Johanna Laverty. When we were up six to nothing with only a few minutes left in the game and they had been out there for almost eighty minutes running on a fairly hot afternoon, the ball was in front of Johanna with a Center player just feet away from it — and it was fairly obvious to everyone watching that the center player was going to get it — but Johanna ran as fast as she could and almost got the ball. It was out of her reach, but she still challenged it. That play symbolized our effort for the day, and hopefully for the rest of the season.”

    “Center actually has a much better team this year,” Kurt-Mason concluded. “They have been very competitive with the rest of the teams in the league. They have lost, but before we played them they actually had more wins than we did. At the end of the day we just out passed them. Our shape was really good offensively and we closed them down on defense. It was a good team effort and a good dynamic passing game. The girls did well.”

    Although the Pirates have no official team practices this week because of spring break, they have been given individual workout assignments and the coach recalled that everyone put in a good effort to stay in shape and ready during last year’s break. He expressed confidence that the girls will be good to go when competition starts up again next week.

    When the Lady Pirates come back from spring break, they will host the Ignacio Bobcats at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16. The Pirates have beaten the Bobcats once this season, 9-0, in Ignacio for the first game of the season. Then, on Friday, April 19, the Center Vikings will come to Golden Peaks Stadium for a rematch.