Lady Pirates drop match to Alamosa, face Center next


    Staff Writer

    The Pagosa Springs Lady Pirates soccer team, with an even record of two wins and two losses, were in Alamosa Tuesday afternoon to take on the Maroons, who entered the game with a 3-1 record.

    “The thing about the game that was strange,” Coach Lindsey Kurt-Mason explained, “is we had possession of the ball seventy percent of the time. We were passing really well on the ground, which is what we wanted to do. The center-off was ours in the first half and we made thirteen passes in the middle of the field before Alamosa kicked it out of bounds. We had them on their heels most of the game.”

    Unfortunately, the Pirate domination on offense wasn’t reflected in the score. The Maroons outscored the Pirates 2-1 in the first half while the score remained even in the second half for a final score of 3-2. Team captain Maddie Davey scored both goals for the Pirates.

    “The first goal that Maddie scored,” the coach elaborated, “was a direct kick and it was unassisted. It was from about thirty-five yards out. There was a tripping foul on Alamosa, and Maddie put it in the back of the net. It was a beautiful kick. The wind was blowing pretty steady and it was nothing but net.”

    Davey had five shots on the goal during the game. Angie Gallegos and Angette Pastuszek each contributed two more shots during the game, while Brooke Bowdridge, Katie Blue and Anissa Lucero kept the pressure on the Maroons with one shot each. The Pirates had 12 shots on goal compared to Alamosa’s nine; the Maroons just had a better percentage of shots make it into the net.

    “The score was two to one in the first half,” Kurt-Mason admitted, “and their first two goals were just defensive breakdowns. There was a chaos outside the six-yard box, right in front of the goal, and it was there for probably five seconds. There were about six kids kicking — trying to kick it in, trying to kick it out. A keeper should go out and grab any ball in the box but Rose (Graveson) didn’t. The ball was on the ground and just came right through her legs and went into the net.”

    Graveson played goalie for the first 40 minutes, earning credit for four saves despite the two she let get past her.

    “The second goal of the game was Maddie’s,” the coach continued, “so that made it one to one. The third goal was another strange one. It was another kick and a defensive error in the box. We just had two slight errors in the box in the first half and they connected to the back of the net with them.”

    Maria Campuzano took over as goalkeeper after the halftime break and earned credit for one save while letting one slip by her.

    “We changed goalies in the second half,” Kurt-Mason said. “Maria had a couple of saves. The stats only show one, but who’s to say it’s not a save when you run out to the top of the box and grab the ball. It wasn’t really a shot, but it could have been. She came out a number of times and stopped an attack.”

    With 13:40 left in the game Davey had a kick from about 20 yards that deflected off of an Alamosa defender and went into the goal. Like the first goal, her second one was made without an assist credit going to any of her teammates.

    “We achieved one of our goals,” the coach summarized the game, “to pass the ball on the ground and not try to kick and run. We kept possession. We kept our heads. In our defensive posturing we broke down a bit, but there isn’t a team out there that we haven’t been able to beat; we just haven’t connected all of the dots yet. We came away from the game thinking, ‘Oh no. We could beat these guys.’ It was the same with Telluride. ‘We could beat these guys.’ It’s just a matter of doing it.”

    The Pirates play the Vikings on the Pitch at Center High School today at 4 p.m.

    “Any game can go any way,” Kurt-Mason concluded. “It’s just a strange season for us. We do have the talent to come away with a win every time. I’ve seen the talent out there; we’ve just made some mistakes. We came away from the game yesterday with a couple of lessons, and the kids know they can stay with any team. They just have to play for the whole eighty minutes.”