Local-Magan Kraetsch


    local-kraetschMagan Kraetsch (daughter of Mike and Lisa Kraetsch and granddaughter to Judd and Diane Cooney) and a team of interns from the organization she works with called I.Dignify, are headed to Southeast Asia to work with survivors of sex trafficking. I.Dignify is an organization committed to ending injustice as a whole, worldwide. They will be training and equipping organizations in how to better help survivors of sex trafficking. On their 20-day trip, they will work in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. They will also work with kids in the dumps and landfills of Cambodia, visiting several medically fragile orphanages and bringing 60 water filters to remote villages in Vietnam. These water filters will supply 100 impoverished people with clean, pure drinking water for life. Thank you to all who have supported Magan financially and made this life changing experience possible. If you would like more information, or have comments, e-mail Magan at m.kraetsch92@gmail.com.