BoCC meets today at courthouse


    The Board of County Commissioners will meet today, Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 1:30 p.m. at the county courthouse.

    Following is the agenda.

    Call to order.

    Pledge of allegiance.

    Moment of silence.

    Public comments: This is an opportunity during the session for the public to address the commissioners on a subject not covered on the agenda. Step up to the podium, state your name and address for the record, and keep your comments to three minutes (the board is not required to discuss your comment or make a decision regarding your comment, under this section).

    Land Use regulation hearing:

    A. Consideration of resolution to consolidate two lots in Pagosa Highlands Estates.

    Board of Adjustments hearing:

    A. Request to decide on a variance from Land Use regulations regarding duplication of road names.

    Consent agenda:

    A. Approval of Forest Service Schedule A Road Maintenance Agreement.

    B. Approval of board members for library district.

    C. Approval to submit a sign permit application for Cloman Park Monument sign.

    D. Authorize submission of building permit for Cloman Park Monument sign.

    E. Approve avigation easement for Cloman Community Park.

    F. Complete annual Certification for Compliance for DOLA and confirmation letter to General Assembly.

    G. Approve letter of approval for treasurer of Are Agency on Aging board.

    H. Approve letter to Judicial Nomination Committee.

    I. Approve letter to USFS regarding Eagle Net.

    J. Approve letter to BLM.

    K. Payroll and payable warrants.

    L. Regular meeting minutes.


    A. PSCDC update.

    B. Bi-monthly DHS report.

    New business:

    A. Consider extension of mag chloride application contract.

    B. Consider resolution assigning two road names.

    C. Consider appointment of Extension Advisory Committee members.

    D. Consider deed for restoration of Stollsteimer Creek Watershed.

    E. Consider appointment of County Budget Officer.

    F. Consider request for funding from town for 6th Street bridge project.

    G. Consider creation of new job title and classification for Operations Manager.

    H. Consider appointment of County Surveyor.

    Public comment.