County funding of nonprofits, dry in 2014


    Staff Writer

    On Jan. 18, Archuleta County Interim Administrator Todd Starr sent a letter to area non-profit organizations that emphaisized two points: approved funding for 2013 and the probability the county will fund no nonprofits in 2014.

    In the county’s 2013 budget, a total of $50,000 is slated to go to non-profit organizations and causes, with the amount equal to that given out in 2012.

    But, the letter indicates that the trend is unlikely to continue in 2014.

    “The purpose of this communication is to inform you of the passage of the 2013 Archuleta County Budget and frankly, to give you plenty of notice that dramatic reduction in not-for-profit funding is expected in the 2014 budget,” Starr’s letter states.

    For 2013, the Board of County Commissioners elected (via direction to staff during a budget work session) to fund the following:

    • Seeds of Learning, $15,000.

    • Archuleta County Education Center, $9,200.

    • TARA (Tiffany Arboles Rosa Allison community organization), $800.

    • Accountability Court, $2,000.

    • Economic development (on a project-by-project basis), $23,000.

    BoCC Chair Clifford Lucero said the board has no set definition of economic development, and added that anyone with potentially eligible projects should contact the county to discuss them.

    Funding decisions will be made by the board on a case-by-case basis, Lucero said.

    The letter also states that other nonprofits might receive funds from the county in the form of dues, such as those paid to Club 20 and Colorado Counties, Inc.

    But 2014 looks to be a different story for non-profit funding, according to Starr’s letter.

    “Archuleta County will continue to experience decreasing revenues for the year 2014,” the letter states. “Consequently, past funding is no guaranty of future funding. In Fact, the Board of County Commissioners is, by way of this correspondence, communicating to you that there will be no funding in 2014.”

    “It’s unfortunate that this is the last year we’ll probably be able to fund nonprofits, based on the assessed valuations going down,” Lucero said.