Ag Expo Grange presentation by Staheli West


    By Pam Linscott
    Special to The SUN

    Grange presentation sessions by Staheli West — “DewPoint Technology Changes Production, Profits and Lifestyles in the Hay and Forage Industry” — will be included as part of the program at the 31st annual Four States Agricultural Exposition, Montezuma County Fairgrounds, Cortez, Colo., March 14-17.

    The Staheli West Grange presentation sessions include discussion on:

    • Factors that affect the productivity and profitability of your current operation.

    • What are your production objectives?

    • Does DewPoint technology fit your operation objectives?

    • How to implement the DewPoint system.

    • Financial model.

    Grange presentations are held during the Ag Show on March 14, 15 and 16 in the Grange Hall, located in the Main Pavilion.

    Visitors attending these Grange Presentation sessions will learn that using DewPoint Technology, (adding moisture in the form of steam to dry forage crops such as Alfalfa, Grass and Grain Forages during the baling process), provides advantages which include better leaf retention, increased bale density, controlled moisture content and the ability to bale hay during less than ideal conditions.

    Four States Agricultural Exposition is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a forum for agricultural producers, suppliers and consumers in the Four States Region. Showcasing new agricultural technology, the annual Ag Expo show offers innovative ideas and advancing effective production and marketing of traditional, specialized and alternative agricultural products through education, demonstrations and promotion.