Three major projects for PAWSD in 2013


    Staff Writer

    For the new year, officials at the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District have three major projects they are planning on either launching or completing.

    First on the list is the Lake Forest Pumping Project.

    According to PAWSD Project Manager Gregg Mayo, this project will enable PAWSD to pull water from nearby lakes and pump it to the San Juan Water Treatment Plant, as opposed to having to pump water to the plant from the San Juan River. The project is currently underway.

    “The pumps have been purchased from the Water Technology Group,” Mayo said. Mayo added that, at this point, submittals for the project are being reviewed by the engineering firm Bartlett and West. As soon as approval is received and the pumps are delivered, installation of the pumps will begin, as the weather permits.

    Mayo estimates the pumps should be delivered some time in mid to late February. He added that the power shed to house the equipment for the pumping operation will be constructed prior to the delivery, so installation of the pumps will be as quick and efficient as possible.

    Second on the list is the Town of Pagosa Springs Sewer to PAWSD pumping project.

    “The purpose of the project is to pump the town’s sewage to PAWSD in a more economic manner than building a new plant. It also protects PAWSD’s source of water,” Mayo said.

    The project consists of two pump stations and a pipeline. The first pump station will be located at the southwest corner of the Pagosa Springs Sanitation General Improvement District lagoon facility, with pipe to a second pump station (in the Timber Ridge subdivision, near a current lift station), and from there the pipeline will extend to the Vista Wastewater Treatment Plant.

    “There will be a total of approximately seven and half miles of pipe,” Mayo said.

    Mayo also said that site approval for the second lift station has been received. Now, Bartlett and West is working on the final design drawing. As soon as that is complete, it will be sent to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. From there, Mayo explained, PAWSD and the town should either receive approval to begin construction or a request for further information to be sent to CDPHE.

    “We are hoping to put this out to bid in May, weather depending,” Mayo said.

    The third project is installation of three new SolarBees in Stevens Reservoir.

    “These will be the last three SolarBees, completing our purchasing of SolarBees,” Mayo said.

    Mayo explained that the SolarBees are solar-powered recirculating pumps that float on the surface of the lakes. To each is attached a tube that goes to the bottom of the lake and sucks up water. This keeps the water in the lakes continually flowing and moving, avoiding stratification.

    “The water stays healthier this way,” Mayo said.

    The topic of the health of lake water will heighten in importance once the Lake Forest Pumping Project is complete and the lake water is treated and distributed to PAWSD customers.