Wrestlers tuning up for Farmington tourney


    With one week of practice remaining before the season’s first meet, Pirate grapplers remain hard at work in the wrestling room, learning and perfecting techniques and vying for spots on the roster — a roster with a crowd at several weights.

    The team starts the season with a chance that nearly every weight on the roster will accomodate an experienced athlete, and a chance that all but one slot will be filled — welcome and positive features that have been missing in several recent years.

    While he has yet to decide which wrestlers will take to the mat as the seasons’s schedule gets underway, coach Dan Janowsky is not dismayed by the battles for spots on the team.

    “It’s a log jam at some of the weights,” said the coach. “There’s going to be some sorting out to do.”

    The sorting out will put a Pirate at every weight but 106 pounds where, currently, there is no one available.

    With a week left before the Dec. 1 dual meet tournament at Farmington, the competition should be intense.

    The Farmington tourney, as of press time, has nine teams ready for battle: the hosts, Pagosa, Carlsbad, Cibolla, Kirtland Central, Aztec, Monument Valley, Eldorado and Dove Creek.

    Should the lineup remain in place until Dec. 1, the Pirates will square off in a pool with Farmington, Carlsbad and Cibolla.

    “Until then,” said Janowsky, “the guys will test each other to see who wrestles at that meet. There should be someone with mat time at every place but 106.”