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Reimbursement for unpaid gold checks promised

By Randi Pierce

Staff Writer

Individuals in Pagosa Country who sold gold and other jewelry to Treasure Hunters in April and received bad checks in the deal can still seek reimbursement from the company.

If they can get through to the company.

Treasure Hunters is one of several aliases used by THR and Associates, Inc., an Illinois-based company.

Treasure Hunters hosted a jewelry-buying event in Pagosa Springs from April 17-21 at what was then named the Villas at Pagosa Lodge.

A release issued by the company said it will make good on all bad checks by issuing money orders with an extra $25 included to cover any resulting bank fees.

To be reimbursed, people are advised to send a copy of the bad check and bank fees to THR, 3033 E. Clear Lake Ave, Springfield, IL 62702. Address the envelope Attn: Frank Ross.

A call to THR to verify how long bad checks could be submitted for reimbursement turned up a phone number that was no longer active for the company. A recorded statement indicated that inquiries should be sent to P.O. Box 13427 in Springfield, with no zip code given for the box.

People throughout the country were issued bad checks by the company, the problem making national headlines.

The Illinois Secretary of State website lists the company as not in good standing, though no other details are given.

A request to the Pagosa Springs Police Department for the number of individuals in the Pagosa area who received bad checks from Treasure Hunters was not answered by press time Wednesday.


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