Growing food and community with local energy

Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) is an educational botanic park in Pagosa Springs’ Centennial Park. The idea to use the town’s geothermal resource for a direct-use demonstration site sprouted in 2009. Today, three dome greenhouses are operated by skilled local volunteers and heated with geothermal water in the cold weather months.

The Education Greenhouse began operations in late 2017. Archuleta County’s youth enjoy horticultural activities and GGP’s volunteers nurture a garden for community benefit in the Education Dome. Presently, classes occupy the Ed Dome on Mondays. The Ed Dome is open to the public on Tuesdays and Saturdays and GGP plans to be open more hours in the near future.

The Community Garden Dome began operations in 2019. Community groups grow food in the shared space for the benefit of their communities. A professional horticulturist coordinates participating community groups and activities. The Community Garden and Education Domes employ soil-based growing in raised beds.

The water-conservative Innovation Dome also opened in 2019. An integrated aquaponic system grows plants and fish in a soilless controlled environment agriculture greenhouse. While the bio-secure Innovation Dome serves as a demonstration and teaching facility, it also provides a revenue stream for the long-term sustainability of the GGP and will be open to the public at pre-scheduled times.

GGP’s domes, walkways and amphitheater on the San Juan River are busy gathering places. GGP’s Breakfast with Balloons will again highlight Pagosa’s annual ColorFest celebration in September. Wise use of Colorado’s water and a celebration of the biodiversity of the San Juan River Walk are key themes in the group’s educational pursuits.

GGP’s mission is “to educate the community in sustainable agricultural practices by producing food year-round using local renewable energy.” Demonstrating the value of the community’s geothermal resource remains a GGP priority. 

GGP operates through a professional board of directors, numerous volunteers, five strategic committees and an enthusiastic membership base. 

Visit for more information, to contact the GGP, and to volunteer. We’ll see you on the Riverwalk.