Native Western Slope Fish – Release Immediately

We hope you enjoy your time in Pagosa Springs and we want to make your fishing experience as wonderful as possible. In order to maximize the quality of fishing in Pagosa, the town merchants, along with support from local government, have joined together to plant trophy-size trout in the river each summer. 

Ideally, we’d like for everyone to enjoy hooking into a playful rainbow or a large brown and, because of that, we’re asking that careful catch and release is practiced. Please note, a fishing license is required.

If you do keep fish, please stay at or under the daily two-fish limit, so that we can keep more fish in the river for everyone to catch. Also note the wild, native fish to the Western Slope and release these immediately, as they are protected species and taking them from the water is illegal in Colorado. 

Please enjoy our wonderful river. Happy fishing!

COLORADO PIKEMINNOW – Adults may be green-gray to bronze on backs and silver to white along sides and bottoms


RAZOR BACK SUCKER – Bronze to yellow fish with a sharp-edge keel behind the head


HUMPBACK CHUB – Green to silver and white with
an abrupt hump behind the head


BONYTAIL CHUB – Slight hump and a long, narrow tail