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Cards of Thanks

Skeehan, Keyes

Many thanks to all the folks who have helped us over these last several months. Thank you for including us in your prayers, for dropping by with cards, for sending flowers, for being flexible with your schedules, for offering rides, for feeding us, for keeping/watching our dogs and cat. Thank you for your kind words, for your inability to find the “right” words (those are the right words), for your advice and counsel, for your patience. We are humbled by the love and generosity we have experienced.

Thank you, with much love and respect,

Kirsten Skeehan and Kathy Keyes


Many thanks to Dave Leibson and Shawn and Damien Scott who stopped to help me when last Friday my car left Highway 160 in the Yellow Jacket Ranch area and flipped several times along the ravine. It’s quite a miracle that the smoke from my vehicle rose high enough to attract you to check out what was going on and equally that I was able to walk away from the accident basically unscathed. I could have gone unnoticed for several hours. My gratitude for the call to 911, as well as your caring and compassion.

Sending good energy your way,

Patsy Lindblad


The election process has taken a long time, and it’s been both a trial and, at the same time, a joy. I owe a huge thank you to all the volunteers who worked on behalf of our Democratic candidates, resulting in three successful campaigns. A small army of people made phone calls, knocked on doors, entered data, registered people to vote, opened their homes to field organizers, kept the headquarters clean and tidy, donated time and money, planned and attended meetings and fund-raisers, drove to every corner of the county, provided food and drinks for other volunteers, made themselves available at all hours, talked and talked to friends, family and anyone else who would listen about supporting our candidates. And, astonishingly, did all these things day after day after day. You all know who you are. I can’t name everyone here, but what I can do is say how very grateful I am for your sacrifice, your service and your good cheer.

Becky Herman

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