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Jeff Pullen featured in The ART of it ALL

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts continues The ART of it ALL through Dec. 31.

This groundbreaking, national juried exhibition features 98 pieces by 48 artists, representing 18 U.S. states and Canada.

The range of artworks on display includes: collage, digital, mixed media, paintings, sculpture, prints, drawing, photography, assemblage, ceramics, fiber and glass, among others.

Artworks are traditional or nontraditional in theme, and run the gamut from folk to fantasy, contemplative to playful, and from baroque to minimalist. They are constructed of such diverse materials as wood, glass, plaster, plastics, paper, concrete, metals and feathers.

For a full list of all of the exhibiting artists and states, please visit

This week’s featured artist Jeff Pullen, was born in New York City in 1948. As a young boy, he was no stranger to the streets of the five boroughs. His love of New York and a chance viewing of an Edward Hopper retrospective in the mid-1960s eventually grew into his unique expression.

Pullen’s work vibrantly captures the modern New York urban experience, and has been described in various press releases as “see-through walls,” “forgotten streets once traveled” and “Edward Hopper meets Elmore Leonard.”

His work confronts and creates a tension for his viewers, always existing on two separate but equal levels. The first level is emotional through the use of his imagery.

Pullen says, “Art is a passionate pursuit, whether making or viewing it, and the work should immediately evoke an emotion to connect the viewer to the painting.”

“For me a piece of artwork without emotion is a cold equation,” said Pullen. “My imagery addresses aloneness, loneliness and the disenfranchisement that is often urban living.

“While overwhelming at times these same feelings can be strangely exciting, alluring and titillating, becoming even more magnified at night.”

Pullen uses found objects as the foundation of his mostly large pieces: shutters, doors, storm doors, louvers, brick, even hoods from cars. They are not related to the subjects of his work. They simply provide the structure (canvas).

He paints his imagery on constructions to further confront the viewer with a three-dimensional feel (and smell with the use of brick, wood, etc.) setting up a constant reality/illusion tension.

Jeff Pullen studied painting and drawing at Pratt Institute, receiving a BFA and MFA. Despite a very successful teaching career in art education from 1970-1998, Pullen says, “Painting is all I really saw myself doing.”

His work is represented internationally in numerous private and corporate collections. He has had over 30 one-man exhibits.

SHY RABBIT is open to the public daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at no charge. Visitors are welcome to tour this premier contemporary arts venue at their leisure, taking in all that SHY RABBIT has to offer.

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts; Gallery, Studio and Workshops is located at 333 Bastille Drive; two blocks north of U.S. 160, off of North Pagosa Boulevard. 

The 4,000 square-foot arts facility houses a ceramic studio and fine art gallery, two mixed-media workshops, and two large exhibition spaces.

For more information on SHY RABBIT, visit or call 731-2766. For more information on exhibitions, visit

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