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A Classic Christmas returns to the community center Dec. 21

A Classic Christmas, an annual family concert, returns to the Ross Aragon Community Center, 7 p.m., Friday, Dec. 21.

Joshua Pike, one of many performers in this year’s A Classic Christmas, expresses his creativity through the ancient art of sword dancing.

“I use fencing to study the external art and techniques of swordsmanship, and tai chi to study the internal cultivation of energy,” says Joshua.

“The combination of these disciplines has led to a fusion of sword technique and the slow, controlled movements of tai chi. Adding live music to the mix has inspired me to create a new art form in improvisational sword dance.

“As part of my home schooling program, I have done extensive research into sword design and historical sword technique.

“I make my own swords from found hardwoods around my home. I use the natural grain patterns and curves of the wood to fashion unique handmade swords.”

Joshua and his mother, Jeannette Pike, participate in Pam Kircher’s tai chi class at the community center as part of Joshua’s home schooling program. Joshua has developed so rapidly in the class that he recently traveled to Denver to complete his instructor certification.

Mark your calendar for Dec. 21, for A Classic Christmas at the community center. Tickets go on sale Dec. 3.

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