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Pagosa Skate Pavilion fund-raiser a success

Last Thursday, at the first fund-raiser for the Pagosa Skate Pavilion, project organizers achieved their initial goal. With the generosity of the many people who attended and many who could not, the group now has seed money of $3,000 necessary for the finalization of 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

The group will be under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Southwest Colorado until its 501(c)(3) as Friends of Pagosa Skate Pavilion is finalized by the end of 2013.

The fund-raiser was a huge success and a great party. The lovely venue of the Elktrace Bed and Breakfast, as well as the silent auction, great food, drinks and music on the grand piano by Jeff Dysinger were enjoyed by all.

Members of the Roller Girls In Pagosa (R.I.P.) team were in attendance and were very excited in anticipation of having a home rink in the near future.

Everyone had an opportunity to look at the plans and plot site and were very enthusiastic about the pavilion project. When there is a project needed by our community and for our community, volunteers step up to the plate and help to make it possible. Pagosans gathered together and made possible the initial goal. The Pagosa Skate Pavilion is becoming a reality.

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