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Democrat strategist visits Pagosa

Colorado is a swing state and political strategist Mike Stratton, working for the Democratic ticket in Colorado, told SUN staff in an interview that in all 42 possible scenarios of outcome for the presidential race, winning the state of Colorado plays a key role.

Stratton stopped in Pagosa Springs last Thursday to talk with a group of about 15 people at the local democratic headquarters.

In the past weeks, with the election date drawing near, early voting underway and mail-in ballots in the hands of voters, more than just the candidates in the race for the Third Congressional District have been on the road.

For the past 10 days, Stratton has been “getting out the vote” for both Sal Pace, Democratic candidate in CD-3, and President Obama, starting in Eagle County and stopping at Delta, Mesa, Pagosa, Durango and more.

“I’ll be travelling in Colorado now until election day,” Stratton said.

Stratton has worked as a political strategist for nearly 40 years in Colorado and has worked for U.S. Senators Haskell, Hart, Campbell, Udall and Bennet, as well as Presidents Clinton and Obama.

Polls show President Obama and Rep. Pace to be in a strong position to win in CD-3 against their GOP opponents.

According to the latest polls for the CD-3, incumbent Scott Tipton was at 42 percent and Pace was at 39 percent. Stratton said this is an improvement of 2 percent, which was probably gained following district reapportionment.

“The vibe has been very good, very favorable toward Pace and Obama,” Stratton said. According to Stratton, Pace has an ability to work across the aisle, proven during his time in the state Legislature, to pass important legislation.

“Pace works across the aisle, he doesn’t have just blind partisanship,” Stratton said, adding, “That’s the hallmark of Pace; he’ll work with Republicans and Democrats. He puts country first, not party.”

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