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Free showing of ‘For Greater Glory’

The film “For Greater Glory” will be shown Wednesday, Oct. 24, at 6:30 p.m. at the Liberty Theater.

There is no admission fee. This is a gift to the community, sponsored by Pope John Paul II Catholic Church. 

This is an amazing film. It’s an inspiring retelling of the Cristeros War against the Mexican government for its having outlawed the Catholic Church and its persecution of those who dared to live out their religious freedom.

It’s a movie about taking sides courageously, how conflicting this can be in a man’s conscience, especially when it involves the spilling of blood. If anything, the personal struggle of many characters getting into this war and carrying it out makes the film shine, from the young boy who faced martyrdom for the Catholic faith — Jose Sanchez del Rio, beatified in 2005 — to his uncle, a cowardly mayor too enamored of power to save him.

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