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Cards of Thanks


Love is a verb; it takes action. We are humbled and honored by your outpouring of love for David Ritchie and his family over the last two and a half months.

To everyone, and there are so many of you, who prayed, searched, organized, e-mailed, hung missing person posters, worked phones, provided food and lodging, and every other form of sustenance and encouragement, thank you! The words seem so minimal when what you did was so big and self sacrificing: to think, be and move when we were too numb to do those things ourselves.

The cooperation between family, friends, churches, work places, newspapers, search and rescue, the Archuleta and La Plata county sheriff offices, medical and anthropology professionals is a praiseworthy thing. You, and the people that you know, brought together the appropriate talents and resources that have blessed us during a perplexing and difficult time. Dave would have loved the unity, so keep up the good work.

Thanks again to all who contributed to this community of love.


Cheryl Ritchie and Family


I would like to thank those who have known of the hardship I’ve gone through the past two years. A special thanks to the Methodist Thrift Shop and Johnny Perea for the oil lamp and to all those that have been kind, and not been different from day to day. Take care and I love you. Thank you.

Becky Shenefield Medina


Habitat for Humanity of Archuleta County would like to extend a sincere thank you to Nancy Gilbert at Elk Meadows River Resort for her long-time support of our organization. Nancy has graciously hosted our groups of visiting Care-A-Vanners for many years, not only giving them a significantly discounted rate, but by also accommodating their every need. Her unwavering support of Habitat and its mission is truly commendable.


I would like to thank my family, my friends and the community for their help, thoughts and prayers in my time of need. Thank you all for signing my letter, getting me books, money and visits. I love you all. God bless you.

Tony Marvin Lujan

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