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St. Patrick’s to hold rifle raffle tomorrow

It is hunting season in Pagosa and the Men’s Fellowship of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church are selling raffle tickets for two brand new hunting rifles.

The first prize is a Browning 12 gauge, 28-inch barrel, 3-inch chamber, BRW, BPS shotgun.

The second prize is a Henry Lever Action .22 Youth Rifle.

The cost of tickets is $20 and they can be purchased at Eagle Mountain Mercantile or at the church office.

The drawing will be held tomorrow, Friday, Oct.12 at 6:30 pm, at St. Patrick’s. You need not be present to win. Winners must have clear background checks. The proceeds from this auction benefit local nonprofits. With only 300 tickets printed, the odds are good that two lucky hunters will be sporting a new rifle this season!

“While I am not a hunter, nor do I even own a gun, I salute our St. Patrick’s Men’s Fellowship for their dedication to helping people in our community,” said Fr. Doug Neel, rector of St. Patrick’s.

“Our parish is committed to reaching out to others and offering support to those in need. We feel it is our privilege and obligation as Christians and, I am happy to say, the people at St. Patrick’s take this commitment seriously. If we are able to sell all the tickets, we will be able to contribute $6,000 to community outreach, so I hope the hunters in Pagosa will pitch in,” he said.

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