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San Juan Shootists sponsor United Way events
Oct. 18 and 19

The San Juan Shootists present a Cowboy Fast Draw on Oct.18 and 19, a fund-raiser for United Way of Southwest Colorado in Archuleta County.

This is a new event for United Way, and we invite you to support us while learning “The Cowboy Way.”

The San Juan Shootists is a non-profit service organization and club that is affiliated with the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. Cowboy Fast Draw is a friendly sport based on the romance and legend of the Old West. It teaches and promotes courtesy, integrity and sportsmanship.

Their credo is, “safety first and fun second.”   Their motto is, “The Cowboy Way in action and deed.” It’s about handshakes, camaraderie, a man’s word, morality and friendship, fair play and honest competition. 

The San Juan Shootists is holding a “town folk alley” to benefit United Way in Archuleta County. This is an opportunity for “town folk” to learn the sport, which is practiced in an enclosed shooting range.

The club will provide equipment and on-site safety training. The equipment includes a single-action Colt or replica revolver from the 1873 to 1900 era, with a wax bullet and holster. Targets are set 50 inches off the ground, with a start light signaling competitors to draw, cock and fire. Hits are recorded to one-thousandth of a second.

To win, you have to not only be the fastest to draw; you have to hit the target.

United Way’s Cowboy Fast Draw takes place Thursday and Friday, Oct. 18 and 19, at 56 Talisman Drive (Talisman Plaza next to Eagle Mountain Mercantile). The event will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. Come try your hand at shooting from the hip! For more information, contact or call (970) 731-0484.

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