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Americana Project class presents The Caravan of Thieves  

Music is the universal language of the mind, body and soul. Music speaks to everyone.

To me, the one thing better than listening to music is watching artists perform it.

Growing up in Pagosa Springs, I have been immersed in the language of music. The roots of my love for music grew from the annual festival located on Reservoir Hill, The Four Corners Folk Festival. Every year, I connect to the performers and admire their talent and passion for music.

Yet, lately, I have been drawn to a group unlike any I’ve seen before. Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni started off as musical partners. First realizing how well their voices blended harmoniously, they soon ran away and started a band of circus freaks and gypsies. Finding the missing pieces to the puzzle that makes The Caravan of Thieves, Fuzz and Carrie added violinist, Ben Dean and bass player Brian Anderson.

“We had a concept going in, both from a sound and production standpoint, lyrically and thematically. A lot of crazy stuff happens on the road, and we took our experiences from on and off the stage, and brought them into the studio with us. Life is ridiculous, all our lives, like an amusement park ride. In this case, we picked a funhouse, since those are ridiculous, too. And we wanted to expand the range of what we can do instrumentally but still keep it non electric so we added a few more gritty and twangy stringed instruments that were fun to spank, like banjos, resonator guitars and ukuleles, as well as an orchestra of kitchen appliances for some additional percussive bang,” said founder Fuzz.

By adding a gypsy-jazz swing, The Caravan of Thieves breaks the barrier of music and theater, thus creating a gumbo of entertainment. It has been said, “If Django Reinhardt, the cast of Stomp and the Beatles all had a party at Tim Burton’s house, Caravan of Thieves would be the band they hired.”

Since conception, the Caravan has been touring the country in a festival setting (having played a number of times here in Pagosa Springs) and sharing stages with world-renowned artists such as Emmylou Harris, Dan Hicks, Glen Campbell, Nanci Griffith, The Decembrists, Keb Mo, Tom Tom Club, Iron and Wine, Punch Brothers, Tony Trischka, John Hammond, John Jorgenson and many others.

The Americana Project is pleased to announce the upcoming concert that The Caravan of Thieves will headline on Oct. 23. This concert is to benefit the Americana Project.

Select Americana students will open the show with their original music.

The curtain call is 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. Doors open at 6:30 and all tickets are $10 at the door. This event is too big to miss. Come and support live music.

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