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Have you seen the Pagosa Arts & Culture Project video?

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of the The Pagosa Arts & Culture board and particularly Laura Moore from the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts, videographer Doug Chapin and Bob Hemenger, who composed the original music, a video promoting creative industries in Pagosa Springs is now available on the PACP website and can be shared from the ShyRabbit01 YouTube site.

The Pagosa Arts & Culture Project is a free service being created to highlight all aspects of the substantial and growing creative community in Pagosa Springs and the surrounding area.

The Pagosa Arts & Culture Project is building a web-based directory of all the creative people and businesses in the community. By creating this website it will make these cultural assets more easy to find in online search engines and help share the wealth of innovative and talented individuals that call our small town home.

This sort of database is called “cultural mapping” and is being done by communities around the country in order to realize and recognize the value of their creative assets. The Pagosa Arts & Culture Project will lay the groundwork for continued collaboration and cooperation and promotional efforts of the combined community. The goal of our project is to establish a solid foundation of cultural and creative individuals and businesses, to create a viable plan for promoting these assets and to hire an administrator to help coordinate the effort.

Are you creative? A painter, a sculptor, a writer? Do you write music? Are you a member of a band? Do you make art that’s a little strange? Is your handcrafted item for sale around the world? Do you whip up lotions and potions? Are you a performer of any kind? Do you design landscapes, buildings, logos or fashion?

If so, it is time you take advantage of this free boost to your endeavor.

To register go to

Enter all the requested information and select all of the categories in which you wish to be included. You can hold down the Control key to select multiple categories. If we have missed a category there is a box where you can add it. Then provide links to your website, etsy page, ebay, facebook, whatever you wish. Click agree to terms and conditions and submit. It’s that simple.

The website is the first step to developing a database of local cultural assets. The PACP wants to include nonprofit organizations, museums, arts-related businesses and cultural entities as well as individuals. Help with the effort by uploading your information. It may seem like nothing is happening, but we are diligently working to raise the funds necessary to build this website! The end result of creating this website is that we can begin to promote Pagosa Springs as a creative center.

For more information, contact Leanne Goebel at or call her at (970) 903-5272.

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