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Wyndham project will remove observation tower, build new office building

Approval for the demolition of the old wooden watch tower in front of Wyndam Resort offices was granted at a specially scheduled meeting of the Pagosa Springs Design Review Board Tuesday night, Aug. 28, clearing the way for the destruction of a well-known, yet dilapidated and potentially dangerous landmark.

On Aug. 2, Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. submitted a complete application for major design review in conjunction with an application for a redevelopment permit.

The redevelopment would include the demolition of the viewing tower and the east wing of the office building, which is 4,500 square feet in size. It would also include the construction of a new 5,500 square foot commercial office building that would include guest check-in services and administration.

“In that demolition-permit they do submit a plan of attack,” Town Planner James Dickhoff explained. “We have got some concerns there, especially for the tower, so we’re working with the applicant. They do have a plan to remove the structure in a safe manner. They are working under OSHA standards; they have a couple cranes on order, so they are not going to just cut it off at the knees and push it over.”

The plan is to tear down the tower, remove the vegetation at its base, use the mound of dirt that it sits on to fill in the crawl space of the demolished building, and to plant grass over the entire area so there will be an open space for the craft fairs that Wyndham holds on a regular basis.

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