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Pagosa pioneers: Where did they come from?

We continue this week with our review of the Pagosa Country pioneers. Who were they and where did they come from?

Mary Kuhn Lang was born Sept. 25, 1873, in Mankato, Minn., to Peter and Mary Lang. On Nov. 23, 1891, she married Edward A. Kuhn at Iona Lake, Minn. In 1894 Edward and Mary Kuhn moved to Pagosa Springs, Mr. Kuhn being the first depot agent here. He died June 2, 1911. On June 2, 1932, Mrs. Mary Kuhn married Welch W. Hyler. She passed away in April of 1937.

Welch W. Hyler was born in Pella, Iowa, March 5, 1877. He was the son of William W. and Isabel Nossaman Hyler. He moved to Colorado at the age of 7 and lived around Pagosa Springs for 77 years. He passed away Nov. 3, 1955.

William Clark Hyler was born in Peapack, N.J., Aug. 15, 1845, and died in Pagosa Springs Feb. 2, 1930. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Following the war he moved to Pella, Iowa, where he married Isabella Nossaman. She died March 25, 1887, at Summitville, Colo. They had six children.

Lucy Edith O’Neal was born July 4, 1885, on Pine River, near today’s Bayfield. She was the twin sister of Eben “Buck” O’Neal. They were the only children of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. O’Neal. She married at Chama to Paul D. Irwin, a forest ranger and passed away in August of 1923.

Clyde Jackisch operated Jackisch Drug Store from 1930 through 1935 and served as a fire chief and mayor of Pagosa Springs. He passed away in February of 1947.

Frank Jackisch, who for many years with his brother Clyde was one of the owners of Jackisch Drug Store, passed away in October of 1965 at Grand Junction, Colo.

Olaf Jacobson was born at Fort Scott, Kans., Oct. 25, 1883. With his family, he came in a covered wagon to Pagosa Springs in 1898.

Nellie James was born Jan. 17, 1888, at Pine River, Colo. Her parents came to Colorado in a covered wagon and settled near what is today called Bayfield. In 1905, she married Samuel James in Bayfield. They had eight children.

Charles Bradley Johnson was born March 12, 1888, at Tiptonville, Kans., to Luther and Indiana Johnson. He died at Pagosa Springs May 4, 1973. He came to Colorado in April of 1909 and homesteaded at Bayles, a few miles west of Pagosa Springs. He married Elizabeth King June 22, 1920. The couple had four daughters: Genevieve Olsen (Phelps), Elaine Nossaman, Charlotte Johnson and Marilyn Mundy.

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