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A snap is in the air — guess what’s coming

Did anyone notice the snap in the air?

It’s time to make that last camping trip before we put up the camper for winter.

The hummingbirds are on their way to Mexico.

It’s time to pull out the sweaters, and put away summer clothes.

Don’t forget to bring in the plants, outdoor furniture and stack the wood.

School is on the horizon.

I can picture, not too long ago, Ruby Sisson heading for the first day back to school in her green ’55 Chevy; and Mr. Boughan at the bus shed, making the buses safe for the kids. He would be circling those big yellow wagons, loading up the kids and hauling them home.

It’s hot chocolate time.

The aspens are starting to turn. Fall is in the air, and you know what that means?

It’s time for football.

Refs, get your whistles out, our Boys of Fall are back on the field.

Pull out your stadium seats, the thermos, hand warmers, heavy socks, big coats and team spirit. We are climbing aboard for the ride.

Everything else pales in the face of football.

My weekly date with our grandson has been set. We are wearing green this year.

People say, “Oh no, you’re rooting for the Jets?” Then, they laugh.

I tell them, “Laugh if you will, it’s okay, I’ve got a deeper motive. It’s my way of bonding with our grandson. He’s got only one thing on his mind, and it’s football.”

My grandson introduced us to Tim Tebow. He has followed him since high school and Tebow’s time with the Florida Gaters. He knows his every stat.

I couldn’t be more thrilled. Even under pressure, Tebow is always a gentleman. He raises the level of respect for others on and off the field. He is bringing that out in our grandson.

Colorado had a jewel. I was proud to be a Bronco fan. Sorry, Mr. Elway, you played the fool. I know it is all about money and a win, but I’m still mad at you. I started getting over it when I saw Tebow in the pre-season game. I know. The Jets still have a lot of work to do.

We’ve had two-a-days for the past two weeks for the Pagosa football team. That means the boys are practicing twice a day for two weeks, early in the morning and late at night.

The football fans and parents have come with refreshments after the grueling practices. That big blue Excursion pulls up in front of the high school at 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. People have supplied water, Gatorade, power drinks, popsicles and fruit. Do you know what it takes to serve 50 football players who are thirsty and tired? A lot!

This year, nothing is too much to ask for when it comes to football. Because of our class standing, we are playing teams from as far away as Aspen, Coal Ridge and Gunnison. That means a few overnight trips. Al and I have already called shotgun and will ride in the big blue tank to these games. There will be a lot of carpooling and a lot of people in the same motel room.

At the high school, there will be pasta nights every week. The parents from the different grades will take turns bringing pasta. I’ve seen many working parents make pasta in crockpots during their lunch hours, or the night before. One or two will pick up pizzas on their way home from work. They get there just in time for the boys. The parents give up a lot to see their boys on the field.

I found a horn in Al’s garage sale stuff. I snatched it for the games. You’re going to hear me at the games. I’ll be the one with the horn.

My Sweet Al has offered a rifle of some sort to go on the auction block to help provide for the boys’ overnight stays and food.

Nothing is too much for our boys.

Final brushstroke: Get ready for football. It’s here.

Artist’s quote

“The future is open; we decide what’s in it.” — Wolfgang Sonnenburg.


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