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Cards of Thanks


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Colorado would like to thank Kate Alfred and Chris Torres and the county airport for allowing us to have our summer picnic at Nick’s Hangar. We needed a space where we could launch rockets up to 600 feet in the air and still be safe for all involved. They were kind to offer a Saturday for us to be able to do this. I would also like to thank Jim Lesch and Joe LaMastra for helping the children launch the rockets; without their help putting the motors in the rockets and actually launching the rockets, it would not have happened.

Thank you to Quest Aero Space for providing the rockets at a price we could afford and for lending us their bicycle pump so the kids could really get hands on. We had to pump up the pressure for the water rockets to launch. Thanks to Tina Schroeder for cooking the hamburgers so we could be fueled up for the exciting day, and we are also grateful for Diane Brown and Tanya Rivas of Shear Talk for providing the girls with something special to look forward to. The little ladies were grinning as they thought about getting spruced up. And, of course, the San Juan Outdoors Club for providing the funding to make all of this possible. With their outdoor activity grant, BBBS was able to provide many summer activities for the kids this year. Thank you to all that help BBBS in any way. It really does matter to the kids; so thank you very much.


I would like to thank everyone at Boot Hill that helped my friend last Saturday. She was not feeling well and passed out. The staff did all they could to assist.

Again, thanks to all of you.

Lili Pearson


The Friends of the Library board wishes to thank all those who volunteered their time to make our annual book sale a success: the many who helped with setting up on Friday and tearing down on Saturday; Lee Riley for the loan of his truck; the firefighters for their labors in delivering all those boxes of books to the community center; Warren Grams for driving the truck; Plaza Liquors for saving all those flats; Jenifer Lindberg and her Boy Scouts; and all of the Friends members for the delicious food they donated on Friday night for our annual meeting. We wish also to thank all those who donated so many beautiful books and all who attended our sale and purchased them. All proceeds go to the Ruby Sisson Library.

Friends of the Library board


The Pagosa Verde Symposium, Aug. 9, was a resounding success, thanks to the support and synergy of our Pagosa community. The event, “Growth Strategies for Colorado’s Rural and Resort Communities,” was co-sponsored by Pagosa Verde, LLC and Region 9 Economic Development District. Fourteen Colorado counties came together in Pagosa Springs to explore economic development potential of renewable energy projects.

Pagosa Verde wishes to thank our local collaborators: the Town of Pagosa Springs, Archuleta County, Growing Spaces, Inc., the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership, the PS Chamber of Commerce, the PS Community Development Corporation, the PS Town Tourism Committee, the Southwest Organization for Sustainability, Quality Resort and Suites, The Springs Resort and the Colorado State Extension Office. Thanks also to our caterers and volunteers, Higher Grounds Coffee, Pagosa Baking Company, the Alley House, Judy James and Don Coughlin.

Jerome Smith and Sally High

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