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Model rockets at Big Brothers Big Sisters picnic

Last Saturday, Big Brothers Big Sisters celebrated at a summer picnic with model rockets.

There were nine children participating in this fun summer event and thanks to the county airport and the San Juan Outdoors Club, the kids were able to build and launch two different types of rockets.

New to the group and to Quest this summer are water-powered rockets. The kids were able to experiment with different water levels and pressures to see what different results they could achieve. They also were able to launch their motor-powered rockets with two different motors.

The kids were more interested in the rockets than they were in the hamburgers we were cooking, so we quickly proceeded to the main activity of the day, where we had several launches of both types of rockets with the help of Jim Lesch and Joe LaMastra. We gave out prizes for the highest flight, which was achieved by Aidan, whose rocket flew 425 feet.

Again this year, to celebrate the young ladies in the program who attended the picnic, we honored them with gift certificates to have their hair and nails done by Diane Brown and Tanya Rivas of Shear Talk. These wonderful ladies were unable to attend the picnic and perform their beauty makeovers at the airport, and they generously provided the certificates so the girls were not forgotten.

Enjoying great weather and a really fun event, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Colorado works to keep children engaged in fun outdoor activities that also become hands-on learning experiences. This summer, our activities included a hot air balloon ride, horseback riding, river rafting, a night sky program at Chimney Rock and launching model rockets with a summer cookout.

Special thanks go to Kate Alfred, airport manager, and Chris Torres, maintenance supervisor at the airport, for allowing us to have our event at Nick’s Hangar and for making it a safe environment for us to shoot off rockets.

BBBS still has children waiting for a big brother or a big sister. It is a fun and rewarding experience that positively impacts the life of a child. We work hard to keep kids in school, out of jail and off of drugs.

For more information on how you can help, Call Maggie Ives at 398-0007.

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