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Navajo State Park offers two programs for kids on Aug. 18

Fall is approaching and soon nature’s creatures are going to be seeking extra food. Learn how to make a pine cone bird feeder to attract birds using just pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed. Pine cone bird feeders are a good way to invite feathered friends to your backyard. This project is easy enough for even young children to enjoy. Bird lovers can gather at 9 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 18, at the Rosa Campground Visitor’s Service Building/Showers.

Budding artists can gather at 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug.18, at the Rosa Campground Visitors Service Building/Showers, and learn about another culture and the unique art form called Gyotaku. Gyotaku (guh-yo-tah-koo) is the Japanese art of fish painting. It was developed more than a century ago as a fisherman’s method of recording the size and species of his catch. People developed this technique since they often could not read. Freshly caught fish were painted with a non-toxic ink, and covered with a piece of rice paper. The paper was then carefully smoothed down, and removed to make an exact size copy of the fish. Once the print was completed, the fish could be washed and prepared for a meal. By using this technique, Japanese fishermen were able to both record and eat their catch.

Since its useful beginning, Gyotaku has become an art form. Prints are no longer just plain black ink outlines, but colorful reproductions of the original species. Gyotaku art has been displayed at museums around the world. This could give you some new perspective on the concept of art and how it can be a part of everyday life.

Children of all ages are welcome to attend. All events in the park are free with a Colorado State Parks pass — either a $7 day pass or a seasonal pass. Call 883-2208 for more information or log on to the park’s website at

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