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I just might be on to something

Having this drastic a surgery has really turned my life upside down.

It is a little like trying to learn to ride a bicycle backwards when the pedals keep falling off every 10 feet or so.

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

I beg your pardon, but we certainly can! And with panache, (whatever that is).

One thing I am starting to learn is that whatever I think of an event is what it will be for me. If I think something is gross or overwhelming, then it will be for me. If, on the other hand, I look at something as no big deal, just something to get through, then it is much more manageable. I also can’t worry about what others think about all this for now either, because I suspect that none of this bothers my friends and family as much as it bothers me.

But, regardless, the only feelings I can manage right now are my own.

That may have always been true, but I just did not know it until now.

Hmmm ... maybe I am on to something.

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