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Liz and Mike Alley named to head United Way Campaign

Mike and Liz Alley have been appointed United Way Campaign chairs for 2012/2013.

Both have been directly involved in community programs during the past 18 years as residents of Archuleta County.

Mike’s volunteer work began in his hometown over 40 years ago. He states: “There were no organizations like United Way to guide me with my sharing with regard to who needed assistance, or whether the contributions I made were allocated one hundred-percent to the people who needed help.”

Mike moved to Pagosa Springs in 1995 and began working for La Plata Electric Association. His experience with United Way began immediately. LPEA provides its employees with their birthday off if they donate a day’s pay to United Way.

Acknowledgment that donations go to pre-qualified community partner agencies have been received in thank you letters to Mike. “I know my money is going where I planned for it to go. I’ve always been very pleased with United Way in Archuleta County for all their work to make this a better community; not only for adults, but children alike,” reads one of those letters.

Liz moved to Pagosa Springs in 1994 and immediately began to be involved in early childhood education and to advocate on behalf of families and youth.

“I was given so much by this community when I first moved here,” said Liz. “It was a natural progression for me to desire to give back. To be a campaign chair, in my mind, is the top-of-the-line way in which I can be involved.”

In harmony with President Kennedy’s timeless statement, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country,” the Alleys propose that we ask what we can do for our community partner agencies.

Through United Way’s Archuleta County Advisory Council, and all who give, we can positively impact educational programs that help youth or young adults be prepared for school, stay in school, make better grades, graduate from high school, and attend higher education; continue programs that build self-reliance for families and individuals; and assist health programs that help people access affordable quality health care.

Mike and Liz both know many residents of Archuleta County who hold the same values as United Way: to give, to advocate and to volunteer. They’d like to encourage others to contribute to the Archuleta County Campaign and experience the benefits of what we can all accomplish by giving and to be part of improving the lives of people in Archuleta County.

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