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County purchases equipment, allocates funds

Archuleta County approved the purchase of equipment Tuesday afternoon that will help the county replace a portion of the Road and Bridge Department’s aging fleet.

The first purchase approved Tuesday was for attachments for a multiuse truck purchased in June.

The purchase will be made via a sole-source contract with O.J. Watson, from whom the truck was purchased, so the equipment will fit the new truck and be interchangeable with a multiuse truck purchased in 2010.

The purchase price for the equipment is $145,037.

The second purchase was for a 2012 Ford F550 crew cab with dump body and 10-foot snow plow from Sill-Terhar Motors in Broomfield, Colo.

The county will pay $55,579 (under the budgeted amount of $65,000) for the truck under the state bid amount, which Road and Bridge Superintendent Dave Guilliams said in agenda review on July 31 was less expensive than what the county could purchase the truck for when bidding it out on its own.

In other news at the meeting, the board:

• Approved distributing the 2012 Forest Payment the county will receive in 2013.

Under the 2012 Federal Forest Payment and Secure Rural School and Community Self Determination Action Election, the county is required to either elect a federal forest share of 25 percent, which would provide the county with $40,355, or select a full payment amount, which would produce $482,802.

With the full payment amount, the county must allocate certain amounts to Title II and Title III uses, with the remainder allocated to Title I for public roads and public schools.

Of that Title I portion, the county must give a minimum of 25 percent to the County Road and Bridge Fund and a minimum of 25 percent to the public schools in the county. The allocation of the remaining 50 percent of the funding is to be decided by a group of representatives from the three school districts in the county (the Bayfield and Ignacio school districts also serve small portions of Archuleta County) and the three members of the BoCC or their designees.

Further, the county has the option of giving the road and bridge portion of the Title I funding to the schools in order to maximize the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) received by the county. Allocations of the Title I and Title III funds are subtracted on a dollar-for-dollar basis from the PILT the county receives.

Based on that information, the county elected to allocate 85 percent to Title I funds, with the road and bridge and school funding designated to the public schools in the county, and the allocation of the remaining 50 percent to be decided on by the group mentioned above.

Eight percent, or $38,624, will be retained by the Forest Service as Title II funding, as required.

Seven percent, or $33,796, will be reserved by the county for qualifying Title III projects.

Only the Title III amount will be deducted from the county’s PILT payment.

Audience member Bill Hudson suggested that, by maximizing the amount received by the county from the federal government, the federal government will further affect its financial situation, which will be left for the kids and grandkids of those in power now to fix.

Hudson also suggested that the school district provide information as to how the Title I funding has been spent — a suggestion Commissioner Clifford Lucero agreed with.

• Approved the name of Railroad Court for a nonexclusive road easement that is approximately .486 miles long that intersects County Road 988 about .27 miles south of Colo. 151 and .71 miles north of County Road 977.

• Approved reclassifying the Accounting Clerk II position to Accountant within the Department of Human Resources.

The change was in response to a suggestion in the county’s audit that the previous setup, with the clerk and county’s contracts and procurement officer teaming up to handle the accounting, could potentially pose a problem in the future.

• Approved the Amended Service Plan for the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District. The BoCC previously requested an amended service plan from the district.

• Granted a conditional use permit to Mountain Landing Guest Quarters to develop an RV park on the property.

• Approved the final plat for the Rock Ridge duplexes, to be located at Rock Ridge Country Estates.

• Approved several lot consolidations.

The next regular meeting of the BoCC is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on July 21.

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