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‘A World of Music’ at the center for the arts

“A World of Music: From the Indus Valley to Appalachia,” will be performed at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 7, at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.

Advanced tickets are $18 and may be purchased online at or by calling 731-7469. Tickets at the door are $22.

“A World of Music” is a concert of music and dance from around the world with a colorful cast of seven musicians and two dancers, and featuring a wondrous melange of exotic musical instruments and music from Asia, the Middle East, U.S., British Isles and beyond.

Performers include Carla Roberts, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist; Zephyer Devevo, gypsy dancer; Robert Neel, percussionist and vocalist; Paul Roberts, player of numerous plucked string instruments; Tiffany and Matthew Lowell Brunson, vocalists; Joshua Pike, sword dancer; Ryan Searle, vocalist; and Jeffrey Heintzleman, percussionist.

Carla Roberts’ mellifluous singing and instrumental style is characterized by a distinctive originality. Audiences at more than 2,000 concerts have enthusiastically received her music. A leader in the field of arts in education, she has performed for over one million school children. Carla is distinguished by her singing in several languages and the instruments she plays, which include Chinese cheng (16-string zither), Middle Eastern dumbek (hand drum), American banjo, soprano and tenor recorder flutes, and Irish bodhran (drum).

Paul Roberts began performing and teaching banjo in Pasadena, Calif., when he was in high school. From 1967-70, Paul organized rock bands and concerts at McLean, a mental hospital in Massachusetts, where he worked as a music therapist. With a fascination for timbres and textures of plucked string instruments, Paul’s musical interests have been guided by a sense of eclecticism, expressed by a passion for playing unusual instruments. Among the instruments Paul will be playing at the concert are mandocello, cello banjos and sitar.

Tiffany and Matthew Lowell Brunson are well known on the Pagosa scene for their superb singing. The Brunsons originally met as members of an international touring music group. Their backgrounds in both concert performing and musical theater are extensive. In one of their numbers, an a cappella song, the Brunsons will be joined by singer Ryan Searle.

Zephyer Devevo says, “I hear music, I feel music, I interpret music through my dancing.” The colorful gypsy dancer will be riding in her gypsy wagon all the way from Grand Junction for an uplifting performance.

Joshua Pike says, “What I’m trying to do is combine swordsmanship and tai chi with music, to create a new art form.” Joshua will perform two original sword dances, using wooden swords he has carved and dancing to the accompaniment of ancient music.

Jeffrey Heinzleman played percussion in several kinds of professional music ensembles when he was growing up in Omaha, Neb. Later, he played drums for The Acorns, a Nebraska based folk-rock band. Heinzleman has worked in the film industry as an audio recording specialist and he and is currently working at PSCA, with the Summer Concert Series, as chief sound engineer. Heinzleman will also accompany flautist Jessica Peterson in her upcoming concert at the center on Aug. 14.

Robert Neel is a talented hand drummer who will be playing the Middle Eastern dumbek and singing in Hebrew. Neel’s beautiful baritone voice is a natural gift that he has developed through musical theater, choral work and in studies at Santa Fe University of Art and Design where he majors in musical theater. Recently, Neel played a starring role in the Santa Fe production of “Rent.” His dream is to become an actor on Broadway. Robert is the son of Douglas and Sally Neel.

The PSCA Summer Concert Series continues:

Aug. 14 — Cool to Caliente! Jessica Peterson performs a concert of flute music of the Americas with pianists Harvey Schwartz and Sally Neel and percussionist Jeffrey Heinzleman.

Aug. 21 — “Jeff Scroggins and Colorado.” Award-winning musicians perform high-energy, high mountain bluegrass.

Aug. 28 — Cherise Lukow. A gifted opera starlet conveys emotions with rare artistic beauty.

The Summer Concert Series is produced by the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts in collaboration with Elation Center for the Arts. Sponsors are Mountain Landing Guest Quarters, photographer Jeff Laydon and The Pagosa Springs SUN. For further information, call 731-7469.

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