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Archuleta County Fair announces Junk Yard Jamboree Jalopy competition

The Archuleta County Fair Board invites the public to attend the Junkyard Jamboree Jalopy Competition at the Archuleta County Fair on Aug. 5.

This competition has a few twists aimed at adding some fun to the traditional car show.

“The competition will unfold a little differently than a lot of other car shows,” said lead competition organizer Randy Schnose. “Rather than focus on high-dollar showroom cars out of the realm of the everyday driver, this competition celebrates the good old jalopy.”

Competition organizers encourage interested participants to bring old, beat-up rattletraps to the show to honor these jalopies. Competitors will win prizes in categories including Worst Paint, Worst Interior, Biggest Rust Bucket, Least Likely To Make It Home and the coveted Overall Biggest Heap award for the overall winner.

Schnose emphasized that competition rules are very simple. “The competition really only has one rule for entries. Each vehicle must be driven into the event under its own power.”

Competition organizers welcome cars, trucks, tractors, vans, motorcycles and anything else that fits the jalopy concept.

Entries must at the fairgrounds by 8 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 5.

Make plans to come out and see what Archuleta County has to offer at this one-of-a-kind event.

For more information, contact the Archuleta County Extension Office at 264-5931 or e-mail lead competition organizer Randy Schnose at

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