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San Juan Shootists to host 2012 Colorado State Championship

The San Juan Shootists, LLC Cowboy Fast Draw club located in Pagosa Springs will host the Cowboy Fast Draw Association’s 2012 Colorado State Championship in Pagosa Springs on Aug. 3, 4 and 5 in conjunction with the Archuleta County Fair.

This will be the sixth annual Colorado State Championship but the first time it will be held in Pagosa Springs.

In the past, this event has been held in the Denver area. The previous host club decided not to hold this year’s event so the local club jumped at the opportunity to bring it to Pagosa Springs and the Four Corners Area. This event will bring 60 to 80 competitors plus their families to town. It will also attract many visitors to the area for the county fair.

Cowboy Fast Draw is one of the most exciting family orientated sports in the country. It is the thrill of stepping in to the street and facing a target down range against a competitor. The period is 1873 to 1899. The guns are Colt Peacemaker style single action revolvers in .45 caliber. Ammunition is a wax bullet in a blank shell case. Holsters and gun belts are of the traditional late 1800s style. Period clothing is worn. A light in the center of the target comes on; the gun is drawn from the holster and fired at the target. Whoever hits their target fastest wins the shot. There are men’s, ladies and youth divisions.

Our motto is, “safety first, fun second and competition third.” We say, “It’s the most fun you can have with a light on!”

The San Juan Shootists club was formed in April of 2009 as an LLC registered in the State of Colorado and is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization. We are a member of the Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce. Our club holds demonstrations around town that the public is invited to attend and try cowboy fast draw using the same equipment that is used in an actual match. Money raised during these demonstrations is usually donated to a local charity. Last year we raised over $1500 for local charities. Our club has participated in the Archuleta County Fair for the last three years.

Putting on a major event like this requires help and support from the community. We’d like to thank our major sponsors for their help and support.

Starline Brass, Cowboy Fast Draw Association, Archuleta County Fair Board, Town Tourism Committee, Durango and Silverton Railroad, Century Link, Bank of Colorado, Eagle Mountain Mercantile, House of Muskets, Boss Hogg’s, Buffalo Inn, Bear Creek Bar and Grill and Sherwin Williams.

Of course we can always use more help. If your business or organization is interested in becoming involved in our event, contact Dave “Mongo” Miller at 731-9140 or by e-mail at

Visit the Cowboy Fast Draw Association at

Visit the San Juan Shootists at

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