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Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

When will enough ever be enough?

Colorado has become world renowned for school shootings. Now we add a murder at a rock concert in Denver’s City Park and a massacre leaving twelve dead and scores injured at a movie theatre in Aurora.

This isn’t even the stuff of old-time Wild West fame. It’s pure moral depravity. Why do we tolerate it?

Because it’s our constitutional right to bear arms, to have guns.

Well, we all have the right to own a dog, but not a pit bull.

Because guns don’t kill people, people do. And if a pit bull “goes off,” injures someone, it’s not the dog’s fault. Isn’t that right?

Why would anyone own a pit bull? Hunting and sportsmanship aside, who, but someone cowering in his own inadequacy, needs a gun? What kind of gun?

Why don’t we have realistic laws for guns like we do for dogs?

We should ask the candidates these questions before November. I don’t think the people in the theatre thought it would happen to them, either.

Henry Buslepp

Short work

Dear Editor:

I believe sinners burn in hell and if it were up to me, they would not have a long wait. By the time you read this letter, that Denver shooter would have been swinging in the breeze for a week.

Bob Dungan



Dear Editor:

There should not be hungry residents in Archuleta County!

The topic arose at our recent Archuleta Seniors, Inc. board meeting that some comments have been made by doctors and dentists in our community that some of their patients are saying they are going hungry because they can’t afford enough groceries to get through the month.

It made us aware of the lack of communication in our community between the agencies that have food programs and free meals, and the medical professionals’ lack of information.

We compiled the resources we found and will have this information available soon to the radio station, medical community, Loaves and Fishes, the Senior Center, community center and the Chamber of Commerce so everyone can be more of a resource to our fellow citizens.

We, in the Pagosa Springs area, are known for helping each other. No one should be hungry.

Nancy Ford


Dear Editor:

This letter is about some folks whom I call the “four women warriors.”

Their names are Trish, Mary Jo, Jan and Stacy.

It doesn’t matter how we all feel about the work of the Chamber — sometimes we agree with new projects and sometimes we do not — but one thing is for sure: these four women are the hardest workers I know.

Stacy is in charge of special events and the Renaissance Festival was the latest effort and how perfectly wonderful and successful it was — all three days, and despite the rain and a couple of disappointments. Of course, there are many volunteers who help in every way to set up a village like this one and then there are crews of people to break it down and the work goes on, but I have seen these women picking up the smallest pieces of trash like cigarette butts, etc., plus doing labor intensive work, and the next day you can’t even tell this area was covered by hundreds of people and a small village. And then there is Stacy who is so beautiful and spotless when the fun begins. She spends her time charging around, keeping things running smoothly. Toward the end, she is still there, hair disheveled and clothes all awry and what does she do? — kicks off her shoes and dances with the players to the Celtic music of the “big uns.” I can’t thank the “four women warriors” enough for everything they do. Love to you all.

Cindy Gustafson


Dear Editor:

Are you properly registered to vote in Archuleta County in the very important election that is coming in November? If you are a Republican or a Democrat, there is a very simple test — did you receive a ballot in the mail for the primary election last month? If the answer is “yes,”the county clerk’s office sent out the mail-in ballots to all registered Republican and Democrat “Active” voters and to all “Inactive” voters as long as they had not previously had mail returned from the listed mailing address. If you are an “Unaffiliated” voter, you did not get a mail-in ballot sent to you because you do not get to vote in a primary election — a good reason to go ahead and register as either a Republican or a Democrat. No matter how you are registered, you still get to vote for your choice of candidates in the election.

So, if you are a Republican or a Democrat and did not get a ballot in the mail or if you are an Unaffiliated voter and need to check or change your registration status, you need to go on-line to where you will get linked into the Secretary of State’s “My Voter Information” Web page.

The website has general information, such as “To vote in the 2012 general election, register by Tuesday, October 9th.” It also has links that will allow you to register online if you have a Colorado driver’s license or ID card, or to download paper registration forms if you do not have a Colorado driver’s license or ID card. In addition, on the website you can view and/or update your registration status, mail-in ballot status, party affiliation, address, and county of registration, among other things.

Don’t wait until October to start checking or until November to discover that you are not properly registered here in Archuleta County — it is too easy to just go online and do it now! If you don’t have access to a computer, you can call the clerk’s office and check on your status — but you will have to go down to make any of the changes that might need to be made.

Jim Huffman

Foreign funds

Dear Editor:

Campaign contributions.

If candidates for political office receive money from political lobby groups outside the U.S., will political candidates represent the foreign interests or the interests of the people of the U.S.

Don Reid


Dear Editor:

When ya think about it, there has not been another major party candidate in history who has tried to win the presidency by running against capitalism. Of course, Obama was running against capitalism in 2008, but few knew it. And those few were wishin’ that everybody knew it before he destroyed America’s economy.

Virtually every problem we have would be solved if we could relegate liberals to permanent minority electoral status. But it’s out in the open for everybody ta see now: Obama is running against profit, because profit is evil. Now, I understand Jay Davison doesn’t relish the “evil” word — tough! Davison’s problem is his pencil gits in front of his IQ and he’s unable to comprehend what he’s scribblin’.

What is this business about Obama having to, “figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot?” That’s not the job of the president. The President of the United States is supposed to enforce the Constitution, to promote liberty and limited government and guarantee our freedom. It is impossible to, “figure out” how everybody in the country can have a “fair shot.” First, how do you define “fairness,” to be applied under color of national law? Is “fairness” defined as a huge tax increase imposed upon the only people who pay taxes, as opposed to those paying no taxes at all: his constituency. And what kind of power must a president have, to guarantee everybody a “fair shot?” If Obama sees that as his job, do you realize the penalties and punishment he can mete out on a whim?

Capitalism puts the power squarely in the hands of the creators, the consumers and the producers. Capitalism democratizes power, snatching it from those who want to dole out “fairness” to those below. This is why Obama’s sole centralizing campaign theme is to run against capitalism. He wants the power and capitalism threatens that. Now, the country may be in trouble, but we’re not that far gone, where someone can win our White House by campaigning against capitalism. It jist ain’t gonna happen, because in the battle between Obama and profit, I’m goin ta bet on profit. American free enterprise, free markets and free people, are gonna win, every time. Hands down.

For those who’ve been attentive: I think they believe that a critical shift in the American business psyche has recently occurred. And it has been building over the past year. Instead of a cautious, generally negative mindset in the business community that conserves cash and de-leverages, I see what I call the “thoroughbred in the starting gate” mentality that can be described as antsy, snortin’ with hoofs scratchin’ at the ground and ready ta run — jist as soon as Obummer exits.

Obama put it correctly last month: “More than anything else, this election presents a choice between two fundamentally different visions of how to create strong, sustained growth.”

Yep, and the choice definitely is not you. Your war on our republic is about to end. We were better off before Barack Hussein Obama, and we will be far better off after him. America can’t wait.

Jim Sawicki


Dear Editor:

No hope or change.

To think that Barack Hussein Obama would flagrantly disrespect millions of small, medium and large American entrepreneurs by explaining to them that government built their businesses. What a stupid and absurd accusation against hard working and clear thinking Americans who are the backbone of our country.

President Obama — you should be ashamed of yourself.

Really? Hope and change? You have got to be kidding.

Paul A. Nobles


Dear Editor:

NRA, are you listening? That is, the National Rifle Association. Do you know what just happened in Aurora, Colorado?

Your silence is deafening.

It is time for you, as an organization, to speak out against the freedom to own assault weapons. You represent the right to own a “rifle” — assault weapons were not even invented at the time our Constitution was constructed.

How many more innocent Americans will lose their lives due to your protection of these insane individuals because of your support for them to have the “right” to own these outrageous weapons.

Patty Tillerson

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