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Special goat farming seminars at the county fair

You cattle owners are so lucky: your animals stay (sometimes) behind a single polywire.

Not always so for goat owners.

The “Goats: What’s In It For You”seminar Aug. 3-4 at the Archuleta County Fair, will show how goat ranching/farming gets more interesting and increasingly profitable. Your questions get answered directly, clearly and fairly by one of America’s most effective agricultural seminar leaders.

Both sides of the “goats” or “no goats” question will be aired.

Jim Stoltz heads the Animal Academy in Florissant, Mo., near St. Louis. His team of a half dozen Ph.D.’s, practical farmers and educators talk “people sense” about agriculture. They explore the positive joys, the work involved, and the financial and agricultural sustainability as it applies to goat farming.

According to Stoltz, “… when people have heard about goat farming or ag investments and have some potential interest, they want to know the joys and the negatives that lurk in the process … the good, the bad and the ugly as it relates specifically to them. They want to talk with people who’ve got their hands dirty in addition to warming a seat in university ag classrooms. Because of our experience using seminars to share information, we research the audiences at the start of each presentation and adapt the material to the backgrounds and interests of our guests.

“Providing that information, which is totally free and includes handouts, is why we’re coming to the Archuleta County Fair. We’ll provide about an hour presentation daily and be available each afternoon — again at no charge — for specific conversations and some good natured cattle and goat chatter.”

Presented on Friday, Aug. 3, and Saturday, Aug. 4, starting at 2:30 p.m. both days, the “Goats: What’s In It For You” seminars at the Archuleta County Fair are created for people who are considering going into the goat business but who have not yet started. For people who have “just wondered” about raising meat goats, this is the place to start.

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