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Pagosa Fiber Festival seeks board president and treasurer

This year marks the 12th anniversary of the Pagosa Fiber Festival — an event that welcomes tourists and locals alike to one of the early markers of our summer season as it falls on Memorial Day weekend.

The event attracts folks with a wide variety of interests: serious fiber artists who come to learn from the workshops and demonstrations in spinning, weaving, felting and knitting; folks who are more interested in purchasing the fiber art products themselves; folks who enjoy the fiber animals — sheep, angora goats, alpacas, llamas, angora bunnies; or folks who simply want to enjoy the earlier spring sun as they watch interesting events such as shearing and demonstrations.

That is the fun side of the Pagosa Fiber Festival. On the other side is the considerable effort that goes into its production by the six member board. Currently, the board is seeking two new members, specifically a president and a treasurer. Neither of these positions require knowledge of the fiber arts or fiber animals. They do require an aptitude for organization or numbers and a real interest in seeing that the Pagosa Fiber Festival continues to offer its unique educational experience to the community and to its visitors and that it continues to hold a definite place in our local economy by supporting producers of fiber animals and the products made from their fiber, whether it be wool, alpaca, llama, angora, mohair, etc. The festival provides a venue where these small producers can display their products to the public. All aspects of the festival are a benefit to the well-being of both Pagosa’s economy and that of the whole Four Corners area. In addition to fun and education, the festival has a serious economic purpose. The benefits: fun and satisfaction working with a team of folks who believe in the value of the festival to the community.

Some hard facts: the fiber festival is a non-profit organization and no positions are paid. At present the organization is completely solvent with no outstanding unpaid debts. Job descriptions, timelines for task completion within positions, forms and applications, ad copy and website are already complete and only need adjusting for the upcoming year. In place are a secretary, member at-large, vendor operations coordinator and webmistress, along with several volunteers to assist with workshop organization.

The festival website offers additional background — If you have questions, contact Pauline Benetti at or 264-5232.

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